Cey Adams and Dianne Smith Designed Billboards in Harlem for Bombay Sapphire Campaign

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Cey Adams and Dianne Smith are two artists known for their artwork that elicits profound emotions and a broader sense of meaning. While both artists are uniquely talented, they've recently worked together to design the Bombay Bramble gin campaign launched in Harlem. The two artists were chosen to create for this campaign to have an advertisement that naturally reflected the local Harlem community and its community of creators.

Each artist's style is seen in the campaign, from Cey Adams's 60s pop-art fused graphics to Dianne Smith's minimalistic yet abstract art; there's no lack of creativity in this campaign.

Bombay Sapphire, the world’s leading premium gin brand by volume and valule, has collaborated with Harlem-based graffiti and contemporary artists Cey Adams and Dianne Smith on a new billboard campaign launching in mid-August in Harlem for its new berry-infused Bombay Bramble gin.

As the Launch Curator for the new Bombay Bramble, Red Rooster chef Marcus Samuelsson, another iconic Harlem figure, handpicked Cey and Dianne for this billllboard takeover, replacing staid advertising with works of art that reflects the local Harlem community and its rich arts heritage following the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance in 2020. Marcus has long supported Black artists in his flagship Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem that doubles as a ‘gallery’ (now replicated at 36 restaurants worldwide). Marcus once again wanted to give Black artists a platform to show their talents for the latest Bombay Sapphire campaign in his beloved neighborhood.

The artworks will be installed in two prime locations in Harlem on August 16 through mid-September and feature Cey’s and Dianne’s signature artistic styles respectively, inspired by summer, the colors and textures of Harlem and community’s artistic revival post-pandemic, and the new gin’s berries. Cey Adams is a NY Native and 60s pop-art meets graphic artist king, who’s worked with the likes of art heavyhitters Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Dianne Smith is a minimal abstract artist focused on expressing different cultures through her lexicon.

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Cey Adams and Dianne Smith