2021, We Are Here

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If COVID was good for anything, it was bringing people together even though we had to be apart. Personally, I spoke with my friends often, especially those I hadn't talked to in ages. There was a disconnection from life "pre-COVID," but there was also this magical feeling of togetherness, unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Designer Seongmin Park felt similarly and created a print that encapsulates all these feelings of being alone together—inspired by the 1990 Voyager 1 photograph of the planet at a vast 6 billion kilometers away. The print is minimally gorgeous and indeed a visual poem of the year that 2020 was.

People faced a most unwelcome event from COVID-19 last year. Not only couldn't we come and go as want, had to distance ourselves from each other.In these days, we feel like growing apart.

I wished for a peaceful 2021 so made a letter for close people to me. Still, we are here together in that little dot. That's just what I wanna talk about.

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