Even Without Words, You Already Knew This Was an Ad For Kanye’s Collab With The Gap

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There are two ends of the Kanye West spectrum: love and hate. Rarely do people's feelings fall anywhere between the two.

In true Kanye fashion, a new jacket in collaboration with the Gap was recently announced as the first item in the partnership, and a New York Times advertisement lines up with the artist's authentic creative aesthetic.

The ad features the jacket on the left side and a QR code on the right side; no copy and no further information were added. The viewer can use the QR code to learn more about the blue coat, but at first glance, the advertisement feels like a minimalist dream. The simple ad might be a nod to the recycled nylon materials used in the jacket's making, or because when it comes to Kanye, we all already knew what it was regardless.

Not to mention, now that the omnipotent visionary is using QR codes, does that mean everyone is about to start implementing them (aside from the restaurants we got takeout from this past year)?

While the jackets are currently on pre-order, it's difficult actually to purchase one due to website crashes and a bit more affordable price point of $200 than the prices of items in his typical Yeezy line; the demand is there.

In any case, whichever side you lie on of the Kanye West hate/love scale, you can't deny that he always does things just a little bit differently-New York Times advertisement included.