April Showers Have Brought Us Fluers By Laura Normand

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Laura Normand is a 28-year old soon-to-be mom living in Paris. She describes herself as a "freestyler," meaning her creative limits can't be put into a box. She's more than just a designer, illustrator, or artist—she's a creative soul and spirit, also known as a freestyler.

She began her creative endeavors in high school when she discovered the visual beauty of life through the lens of her mom's film camera. Soon after, she found herself at a school of applied art, unsure whether she'd specialize in fashion, architecture, or design. After some time pondering the future and all its potential paths, she discovered that her most genuine passions were graphic design, and her profession took off from there.

Throughout her flourishing career, Norman has worked with notable brands such as Adidas, Adobe, Zadig & Voltaire, and countless others. However, one of her recent personal projects allowed her to showcase her love affair with minimalist Japanese graphic styles freely.

She developed her Fleurs piece while sifting through her sketchbook on her warm Parisian balcony. Laura then reproduced these sketches in a digital format and refined the color palette, structure, framing, and layout to create gorgeous blooming flowers with simple geometric shapes. The designs are truly spectacular and, despite the forms all being unique, the consistencies within the color palette have created a perfectly cohesive project.

Fleurs is genuinely a one-of-a-kind piece, and the inspiration flows from stem to stem and petal to petal. Laura Normand might call herself a freestyler, but I'd call her a truly inspirational artist. If you happen to want to deck your walls with one of these gorgeous pieces, it’s your lucky day, you can shop these pieces on Laura’s website.