Attraction Magazine 002: The Director Issue

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In a quest to inspire through visual explorations, Attraction Magazine focuses on finding meaning within a contemporary creative atmosphere. The second issue surrounds the theme of "Directors" within a range of fields. From video directors to art directors to directors of movement, the magazine is filled with images, essays, reports, and assets that take the viewer through a visual experience.

Not only is the content within the pages inspiring and refreshing, but the layout, colors, and typography, with creative direction by Jenni Salonen, Joni Lindroos, and Juho Vesanen, help the viewer navigate seamlessly through every page.

Attraction Magazine 002 – The Director Issue.

Out in August 2021.

Attraction Magazine is a magazine for the appreciation of visual curiosity. The second issue explores Directors, their responsibilities, and the general meaning of the word in a modern creative world.

Attraction Magazine’s latest issue focuses on the world of Directors from various fields. The creative directors Jenni Salonen, Joni Lindroos, and Juho Vesanen take a deep dive in the wide world of Directors and explore the meaning of the word, and the responsibilities it requires from one field to another. Attraction is a magazine that serves the visually curious. This independent publication is a playground for creative culture and a platform for in-depth interviews, artist features, and essays.

In this issue, you find established directors telling their stories, such as Anton Tammi, who recently won “The Video of The Year” at the MTV Music Video Awards and various other prizes for his work for The Weeknd. Ezra Miller, who’s multidisciplinary work has gotten him clients like Alexander Wang and Nike, as well as a possibility to create an immersive A/V live set for the infamous DJ and producer Objekt. Choreographer and director Ima Iduozee talks about directing movement, while the founders of The Community, a Paris based art collective and gallery share their story. This issue also features Helen Korpak, Auden Bui, David Chao, Erwin Laiho, and more.

Through interviews, visual essays, and reports, the reader can explore the world of directors, discover the directors’ takes on their respective industries and grand matters.

The magazine layout ensures the visual experience that Attraction promises. Whether you are in for a deep exploration or a coffee table read, you can open the magazine at any page and immediately face artistic and impactful content.

Project Credits:

Creative Direction:

Jenni Salonen, Joni Lindroos, Juho Vesanen


Juho Vesanen

Copy Director:

Elena Sulin

Art Director:

Jenni Salonen

Cover & Art print:

Lina Jelanski

Graphic Design:

Jenni Salonen

Interviews & Writers:

Priya Lorentz, Matthew C. Wilson, Ville Verkkapuro, David Chao, Helen Korpak, Erwin Laiho, Elena Sulin, Juho Vesanen, Joni Lindroos, Veera Almila

Contributing Artists:

Auden Bui, Bryan Saragosa, Lina Jelanski, David Chao, Hayley Lê, Faeliba, Ezra Miller, Ville Verkkapuro, Elsa Hammarén, Aurélien Mole, Kasia Zacharko, Helen Korpak, Ville Leppänen, Erno Forsström, Ida Gündoğdu, Artificial intelligence, Antti Kekki


Printon OU


Veli Studio