Attraction Magazine’s Second Issue Dissects The Word ‘Director’

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Published by Veli Studio, the latest issue of Attraction Mag surrounds the themes of Directors in every field. So often, the word "director" is associated with white men in power, but in this issue, Attraction Mag ensures that there are a wide array of voices heard and lenses to see through. While the word itself might be simple, there are hundreds of ways to perceive, understand, and represent it.

Throughout this second edition, you will find thorough interviews, artist features, essays, and visual compilations, all enveloped in beautiful colors accompanied by even more beautiful typography and editorial layouts.

Attraction Mag is a magazine for the appreciation of visual curiosity. The latest issue focuses on the world of Directors from various fields. Published by Veli Studio, the creative directors Jenni Salonen, Joni Lindroos, and Juho Vesanen take a deep dive in the wide world of Directors and explore the meaning of the word, and the responsibilities it requires from one field to another.

Throughout this second publication, you can find in-depth interviews, artist features, essays, and, visual collections, all wrapped in pastel and delicious colours.

Attraction Magazine 002 – out now.

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