‘Banksy Graffitied Walls And Wasn’t Sorry’ Is A Children’s Book By Fausto Gilberti

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Unless you've spent the past fifteen years of your life avoiding all human contact and interaction, you've likely heard of the world-famous yet completely mysterious graffiti artist Banksy. He creates his art while no one is watching; no one knows the identity of the great creator, making the creations that much more magical. Sometimes he even destroys them.

The topics of the art range from political statements to themes surrounding war, and the works commonly feature rats. Fausto Gilberti has written and illustrated a children's book that brings intrigue and whimsy to the story of one of the most mysterious and elusive modern artists of our time.

The book breaks down both Banksy's art and life so that kids can easily understand and follow along. The pages feature black and white illustrations and a few iterations of the prolific artist's work. With the title of the book being Banksy Graffitied Walls And Wasn't Sorry, you can imagine the unremorseful creative vibe that the pages exude. Gilberti is truly inspiring kids to color outside the lines and push past any previous expectations. It’s fascinating and incredibly in touch.

The author, Fausto Gilberti, is a painter and illustrator from Brescia, Italy, who went to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He created this artist biography book to allow contemporary art to be more approachable and fun for his two children. He has also published other artists' biographies, including Jackson Pollock, Yayoi Kusama, and Yves Klein.