Behind Every Tab is Creative Inspiration Thanks To Something™ Else And Where Are The Black Designers

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In 2019, the world's first global public art exhibition, known as Something Spaces, launched a project that took overlooked public spaces in London, such as blank walls or empty shop windows, and inspired the creative community to redesign the location.

The supremely creative initiative recently thoughtfully partnered with Where Are The Black Designers? (WATBD), another inspiring group working towards a more inclusive and diverse design world.

Together, the two worked to bring their skills to the world in a way that utilizes overlooked spaces and helps give a platform for diverse creators to get discovered by the public. WATBD picked creators from their community and beyond to have their work displayed within the Something™ Spaces Tab. The virtual exhibition highlights both distinguished and rising creators in an underutilized way. In order to implement the tabs, download the Chrome extension so that every time you open a new tab, you'll find art from countless designers.

There are countless artists featured, including illustrator and printmaker Yolande Mutale, large-scale statement sculptural furniture and jewelry designer Simone Brewster, and illustrator Adesewa Adekoya. Other names include Amir Khadar, Olivia Fields, Monet Kifner, Laetitia Auguste, Cain McCallam, Ty Davis, and many more.

"Through various conversations with industry heads, we quickly realized they were struggling to discover under-represented talent. We're on a mission to reimagine underutilized spaces by turning them into canvases for creativity, making it easier for the industry to discover creators who have Something Else to offer," said Something managing partner and co-founder Andy Hewitt in a press release.

Support Something™ Else by installing the Spaces extension here, and be inspired with every new tab.