CMYK Playing Cards Deal a Creative Hand

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Ondrej Musil is the designer behind these gorgeous CMYK playing cards that pay homage to graphic designers’ color printing practices. While the cards look like they’re more focused on designers’ needs, they also act as a sufficient deck to play any game possible. Unique and creative, this is a deck of cards that won’t get lost in the shuffle. 

CMYKovky (FB, IG) are classic canaston (joker) quality cards in the original CMYK coat with references to DTP and graphic creation in a limited edition. A must for every playful graphic artist, designer, printer or color lover and a unique rarity for “ordinary” mortals.

A successful crowdfunding campaign was organized for them on and you could read about the cards on the CzechDesign, DesignPortál, Font, DeTePe or DesignVID portals.

Cards can be ordered for CZK 400 without postage by email, the number of pieces in stock is limited, so don’t hesitate.

CMYKovek is 108 cards, 2 sets of 54 cards, including jokers with a different reverse, so you can easily play poker and other games with 52 card decks.

The paints lie on the cardboard and are smoothed on both sides with a special card varnish. The whole thing then rests in a beautiful lacquered paper box with FSC certification.

The cards were made by brothers from Slovakia at the DIW printing house.

Creatives, graphic designers and printmen are by nature a playful species, and these cards allow them to spread color enlightenment and have a lot of fun.

What cards are these?This is a very original special edition of cards designed primarily for color lovers, designers and ordinary mortals who like unique things. The cards are classic canastos (jokers) and contain 108 playing cards, including jokers, all with two differently processed ruby, so that it is easy to play poker and other games with them. In the appendix you will find several pictures and here you will find more examples of their appearance.
Their production took place in the DIW printing house from Bratislava, where they received maximum care. They are packed in a distinctive FSC-certified box. Material specifications are = cards measuring 57 x 87 mm, 310g cardboard, color 4/4 CMYK, 1/1 card lacquer, rounded corners, box (w. 60 x h. 90 x d. 36 mm) with matt lamination and FSC certification.
The cards were written about in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on CZECHDESIGN, then Design Portal, FONT magazine, DeTePe, DesignVid and others.

Project Credits

Ondrej Musil