Dr. Bronner’s Launches Line of Chocolates

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It's not uncommon for brands to begin their operations in one category and expand their empire by selling other goods. Wrigley, for example, was founded in 1891 and first sold soap and baking powder. The chewing gum was simply a gift to the brand's customers, but soon, the clients started to care less and less about the baking powder and started to return only for the gum.

Yet another soap company is branching out through the sales of magically good chocolate. Dr. Bronner's, known for its 18-in-one cleaning and hygiene products, has recently released its Magic All-One Chocolate. The sweets come from world-class Swiss chocolatiers with fairly-treated cocoa farmers practicing regenerative organic agriculture.

Staying true to the brand's roots, the chocolate bars enrich the land and lives of everyone involved in its creation. Additionally, the packaging of each of the different flavors is reminiscent of the brand's core products through a similar color palette and typography.

Despite each of the flavors getting labeled in an understated way, the packaging color represents each flavor. Salted Whole Almonds, for example, is cherry red, Salted Dark Chocolate is a rich purple hue, and Smooth Coconut Praline is a thrilling pink shade. Overall, the brand has done a fantastic job aligning the products through familiar packaging and approachable branding systems, and you even get a little taste of the Bronner manifesto.

My only critique is that I wish the soap packaging featured similar holographic details as the chocolate bars. It's irresistible