Graphic Cheat Sheet By Fundamentool Is Perfect For Design Lovers

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Fundamentool is back with the second version of their Graphic Cheatsheet playing cards. Not only is it a fully functional deck of cards adorned with suits, numbers, kings, and queens, but each card teaches a different lesson related to all things design and will unquestionably spark inspiration—talk about duality.

The goal of the deck was to create something functional within a set of cards. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer, a student with an eye for design, or someone who loves color, these cards can be both useful, inspirational, or used for a quick game of solitaire.

Inside the beautifully designed multi-color box, the numbered cards each feature a different set of color palettes to stimulate the most imaginative designs. The cards each highlight outstanding graphics that depict, explain, or describe common design terminology. The jokers, ingeniously, each emphasize the two principal color codes of RGB and CMYK with visual aids and descriptions.

The fact that this deck of cards is aesthetically gorgeous and can also get used as an educational tool makes me believe that the demographic is so broad that it’s fit for most anyone. I can imagine design teachers using the deck for lessons or challenges, clients using it to better understand creatives, designers using it as a guiding light, or simply as decoration. The options are undoubtedly endless.

And, of course, anyone can use it as a simple deck of cards.