‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ Proves That Inspiration Is Everywhere

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saul studio designed Hiding In Plain Sight, a limited edition series ideated by Hyde Park Picture House. This first edition series focuses on the work of Allsuch Boardman, the Leeds-based illustrator. The gorgeous blue cover with a playful yet simplistic font is intriguing and ultimately inspires you to crack open the spine and discover what lies between the cover. Inside, you'll find gorgeous illustrations of 70 of the 83 Leeds cinemas, and it's fascinating to see the architectural differences of them all. Hiding In Plain Sight is an utter visual inspiration.

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ is the first title in Colours May Vary’s Editions series. Each publication will document selected work from artists and designers they work with and host within their gallery space.

Conceived by Hyde Park Picture House, their first release features the work of Leeds-based illustrator Adam Allsuch Boardman.

Limited to 750 copies, the book features 70 of the 83 Leeds cinemas featured on the project’s website – some now gone forever, others repurposed, and a handful still open.

All sales support CMV and their shop & gallery space.

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