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HYPEANDHYPER, designed by Miklós Kiss, is a design and lifestyle magazine that has recently redesigned its identity. The new branding system features pastel colors paired with vibrant ones that evoke a sense of adventure and retro whimsy. The magazine's goal is to collect and showcase unique stories, people, and art that makes up the world. Having a distinct branding system proves that this publication will pave the way and genuinely understands the industry space and trends. Plus, nothing beats a pink, red, and green color palette in my eyes.

The brand identity and content of HYPEANDHYPER is being renewed in the spirit of Eastern European identity

The design and lifestyle magazine of Eastern Europe, HYPEANDHYPER revamps its identity. The online magazine, which focuses on creative professionals, stories and landscapes from the region, evokes the diversity of Eastern Europe by combining pastel and vibrant colors and using different fonts simultaneously, all thanks to the work of designer Miklós Kiss. The brand new identity will appear not only online, but also in their first English-language printed magazine, which debuts in May 2021.

HYPEANDHYPER, the design and lifestyle magazine of Eastern and Central Europe, opens a new chapter in its history with a comprehensive change of identity. HYPEANDHYPER aims to collect and showcase the unique stories, characters, special objects and landscapes that shape this part of the world but can be inspiring anywhere else as well. Through the magazine, creatives of the region can get in touch with each other, exchange information and shape their joint future together. This year, the magazine, founded in 2012 by Gergely Fáy and László Bárdos, will be renewed both in terms of content and visuality, and from May 2021, they will launch a printed magazine in English.

The areas of the region – despite their intricate historical backgrounds – show similarities in many respects, and the goal of HYPEANDHYPER is to represent all this, and capture “Eastern Europeanness”. Like the content itself, the redesigned visual identity also follows the concept of unified diversity.

The new look, based on a combination of pastel and bright colors, was designed by Miklós Kiss , a designer internationally renowned thanks to his conceptual works, who conquered Korea as well as China with his creative eye. In addition to the Termina and Hungarumlaut fonts, one of Miklós Kiss' unpublished works, the font Chloé makes its debut on the colored pages, which was named after the designer's cat. “Delicate sophistication and silly playfulness are both present in the font. The latter is also reflected in the fact that multiple versions of each character are available in the font set. It's a bit like Eastern Europe: It doesn't have such a strict system, it doesn't necessarily move forward straight ahead, but that's why it's so beautiful,” says Miklós Kiss.

The first print magazine of HYPEANDHYPER, published in May 2021, will be a unique summary of what's exciting in the Central and Eastern European region in terms of design, business, architecture, culture and subcultures. Something certainly connects us, but we are diverse with a wide range of interests, and the magazine responds to this: it introduces the luxury industry, the leaders of sustainable development, the big shots of design, economy-related and regional strategies, emerging designers and those who work to make our days more livable and lovable. In the cities and lands of the region, we are guided by insiders, so readers can get first-hand inspiration from life in Budapest, Warsaw, Prague or Ljubljana.

“We are preparing to publish a magazine that can stand on the global stage, on which customers can look at in any newspaper store in the world and know what quality of content they get,” says Gergely Fáy, co-founder of HYPEANDHYPER.

In addition to Hungary and the EU, the 150-page English-language magazine will also be sold in Great Britain, America and Australia.

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