‘I Believe in Dinosaurs’

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Ming Hsun Yu, a graphic design student at the School of Visual Arts, designed Danny Arenas' first photography book, I Believe in Dinosaurs. The book focuses on black and white photography that features images with religious undertones, begging the reader to think about what they believe.

Arenas questions, "Why or how do people believe so confidently and follow so faithfully?" The book's layout is minimalistic, allowing the images to speak for themselves, leaving us with one question: what do you believe in?

In Summer 2020, I was fortunate to work remotely with Danny Arenas and publish his first book, I Believe in Dinosaurs. We named the book after the last photo, where a man holds a sign that proudly declares, “I Believe In Dinosaurs.”

Project Credits

Photography: Danny Arenas, dannyarenasphotography.com

Design: Ming Hsun Yu, minghsunyu.com

Printing: Conveyor Studio, conveyor.studio