IKEA Opens a Digital Museum Of Their Catalogs Dating Back To the 1940s

Posted inGraphic Design

Change is difficult, but if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that change is imminent, and we must learn to adapt to the times. 

IKEA is proudly presenting its digital archive fittingly named “The IKEA Museum Digital.” While it’s been difficult for many to let go of the infamous IKEA catalog after stating there would no longer be a print edition last December, the digital archive hosts all of the Swedish furniture brand’s catalogs dating back to the 1950s. 

Whether you’re interested in graphic design or interior trends, flipping (or clicking) your way through these catalogs will spark infinite moments of inspiration, and yes, wistfulness for bygone eras. Not only will you indeed be inspired, but it’s an ingenious way for the brand to showcase its history and story in a detailed and visual way dating back to the 1940s. 

The website boasts, “Go back in time and explore the origins of IKEA and Ingvar Kamprad. Hardship, thrift, and ingenuity in Småland, Sweden, and visions of a new life at home for the many people. Simple, functional, and beautiful.”

Consecutively viewing the images from the catalogs will make your heart swell with nostalgia and makes you wonder what trends we have in design now will one day be as cliche as the neon colors of the 80s. And while IKEA’s Instagram post presenting the digital museum comes sprinkled with comments such as “I’d rather just have a new catalog tbh” and “Bring back the catalog,” countless comments are praising and embracing the archive. 

So yes, change is difficult, especially if it’s something that’s faithfully come out for decades after decades, but moving towards a more digital landscape is something that everyone should quickly adapt to (not that we’re naming names).