Inexcusable Labels By Artplan Remind You To Never Drink and Drive

Posted inGraphic Design

Drinking and driving is no joke, yet, for some unexplainable reason, it happens more often than we even realize. So to stop the problem before it starts, Artplan created a series of posters in bars in São Paulo to remind patrons that there’s no excuse for those who drink and drive. With a series of gorgeously designed posters that share common explanations from those who are caught, these advertisements are sure to gather attention and spread awareness against the deadly act of drinking and driving.

Tattered excuses, such as “I ate liquor bonbons” or “I swallowed some mouthwash”, used by drivers trying to escape the breathalyzer test, stamped labels of alcoholic beverages served in bars in São Paulo in recent days. The proposal was to remind the public of the dangers of mixing drinking and driving.

Integrated advertisement created by Artplan, Brazil for Detran SP, within the categories: Public Interest, NGO, Transport.

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