Insomniarghh! Zine Will Scare And Soothe Your Insomnia Away

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If you struggle with an awful case of insomnia, Insomniarghh! Zine won't make it disappear, but it might make it a teensy bit better.

The illustrations from Zac Fay, writing by Kitty, and design by Ton Studio, all make up the zine that was created for irregular sleepers, and features illustrated remedies, writings from other insomniacs, and good vibes. The cover is simply perfect, and the thick bold font makes an impact, almost scaring your insomnia away.

On the other side of these 24 pages is mouth wide open, warm drool on the pillow ZZZs.

Well hopefully. I can't actually guarantee that, but I can promise you a wondrous, colourful, mostly positive journey plus tips & techniques that have helped loads of 'sometimes-sleepers' in their pursuit of deep sleep. One in particular: me, Kitty. I started writing down everything I was learning & feeling while on an insidious journey through the dark tunnel of insomnia – and when faced with the loneliness holding hands with insomnia, knew I wanted to share some of it with the other unslept heroes out there in the darkness.

So here it is – minus the manic jumble of swear words and Brené Brown quotes.

A zine titled INSOMNIARGHH! that champions my love of illustration – particularly the high-spirited, playful work of Zac Fay who (holy moly) believed enough in the project to jump on it with me – and during the height of a pandemic. Well, if anything would render you sleepless I guess it’s a pandemic! Created as comfort for irregular sleepers, or as a thoughtful gift for someone you know stuck in the wide-eyed loop.

Zac Fay is a Melbourne-based illustrator working and coffee drinking from his Fitzroy studio. He has masterfully created a colour palette for the zine designed to soothe and soothe and sooooothe. We wanted to use colour to trigger a joyful effect on the brain. Nothing too heavy or excitable. Something soft and familiar, like your pillow, mmMmm pillow.

The Insomniarghh Zine has been designed by Clint Sutherland of Ton Studio in Melbourne, Australia – who also happens to be my brother/carer during some of my lowest of tired times. It is printed on gorgeous thick 140gsm stock with a 300gsm Tintoretto Gesso cover by Ripe Digital in Manchester, UK – and your package will be sprayed with a lavender concoction and blessed by me, a now recovering insomniac and dare I say, often a deep sleeper.

Zac has joyfully illustrated tried and tested remedies, songs to cry and float to, words from fellow insomniacs, square-breathing Zac Fay style and good vibes to suck up for days.

Project Credits

Words: @kittyshawbang

Illustration: Zac Fay | @zac.fay

Design: Ton Studio | @ton_studio_xyz