International Seminar Publication is Eclectic In Layout and Concise In Color

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A good old-fashioned pink and blue color combination always evokes a sense of pure nostalgia in me. Neopop Imaginária and João Faissal designed the publication for V URBICENTROS International Seminar. Because of the constant use of round tables and workshops, it makes sense that the cover design is circular. The entire design throughout the publication is experimental and unique, but the sole use of blue and pink keeps it consistent and appealing.

Peripheral Centralities, Central Peripheres

This book is the result of the V URBICENTROS International Seminar, in the city of João Pessoa. The event focused on meeting and reflecting among researchers who, in addition to preserving the heritage of historic centers, also address the formal, material, social, and symbolic dimensions of these spaces, in contrast to their spectacularization, cleaning and gentrification. .

The choice of Porto do Capim as the place of events, from the conferences, to the Round Tables, Workshops, Soirees and experiences, was the way found to draw attention to the Traditional Riverside Community, located in the area surrounding the Historic Center listed by National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), which has resided in the central area for over seventy years, and publicize its struggle to remain in the place and improve its homes.

The book brings together reports and articles from students, researchers and professors, from different parts of the world, who experienced, during the days of the event, a reflection on the right to the city, mobility, urban dystopias and urbanism, based on lectures, experiences, debates and workshops.

The design and printing process followed an aesthetic that proposes to intervene in the reading flow itself, thus reflecting the aesthetics of these peripheral spaces. The experimentalism in the compositions and color palette, using only two Pantones in printing, allowed the book to have its own identity.

Project Credits

Neopop Imaginária

João Faissal