Jacqueline Colley’s A-Z Collection Of Pop Culture References Proves She’s a Child of the 80s

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Jacqueline Colley is an illustrator you must know about. Based in East London, she's all about bringing playful illustrations to life, whether it be fruit or pencils or matches; the way she's able to bring a sense of joy to everyday objects is thrilling.

During the height of COVID, Jaqueline dove headfirst into her true loves of pop culture and media throughout her time in lockdown. Like any true illustrator, she created a lithograph print of her collection of illustrations that list her pop-cultures loves alphabetically. In case you weren't aware, G is for Godzilla, and V is for Vampire. Each drawing is meticulously created, and the detail is truly unmatched, resulting in a beautiful collection of colors, textures, and, of course, pop-culture references.

Jacqueline spends way too much time watching TV and decided to channel her love of cult movie characters into an A-Z of Pop Culture Creatures.

As a child of the 80’s, raised on a diet of television and movies, advertising and pop culture became her obsession and with nowhere to go in Lockdown she fell head first back into those worlds creating a series of illustrations in a carnival of colour celebrating her favourite creatures!

Lithograph printed at Calverts cooperative in London onto 100% recycled card with biodegradable inks

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