Latest From Wobby Invites You to Get Your Giggle On

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Get your giggle on. Wobby is a risograph illustration and literature quarterly zine that focuses on humor, defiance, and style. With just 550 copies, it's an exclusive publication that features rising artists and writers through the bright, hilarious, loud, and drastic pages. The latest edition focuses on a theme of "canned laughter," so humor is at the root of all the pieces and art.

Ever laughed into a can, laughed at a can, laughed on a can, canned the laughter or laughed till cans dropped out yo’ mouth? Catch this sticky drift and you will have no choice but to join in with the giggling. Go beyond understanding into living this can of Wobby, because…..canned laughter is the shit that keeps giving! Wobby #26 – Canned Laughter is out now!

About Wobby

Wobby, which exploded into existence in 2015, is a risograph illustration and literature quarterly that harnesses humour, ideas, rebellion, and style. Featuring breakthrough international artists and writers, Wobby is defiantly analogue and bursting with colour and attitude. It is a limited edition of 550 copies, accompanied by an even more limited art print of just 50 copies!

With roots in The Southern Netherlands (Tilburg) and Flanders, Wobby has comic absurdity in its DNA. But it doesn’t stop there; the volatile wit and subversion of its coruscating pages are proof that Wobby is also a worthy antidote to today’s digital hegemony. Hold it in your hands! Revel in the exhibitionism, jest, ideas, and conceptualism of its pages. It’s bright, loud, radical. It feels like the art has just been invented.

Canned Laughter

The 26th edition of Wobby is all about ‘canned laughter’. The artists take humour one step further. What is there to laugh about, and can you laugh about humour? Among the wonderful artists that are pushing the boundaries of cartoon slapstick in this is edition: Saehan Parc (KP/FR), Màura Sàppilo (IT), Tim Romanowsky (DE), Brecht Vandenbroucke (BE), and Zeloot (NL) – just to name a few.

Participant Saskia Janssen, a.k.a. Studio Ski: “I wanted to make something funny and hilarious, and that is what I mostly do, but without much thinking about it. So now I had to think about it: what’s funny and nice? I had to try very hard. The first work I made was not the thing I wanted and I needed to try again.”

Want to know more about the faces behind Wobby #26? Feel free to watch our latest Wobby Club TV: one half an hour packed with interviews, animations, home-made video, and the actual unboxing of this issue.

Wobby is thrilled to finally be part of fancy magazine distributor Bruil & Van der Staaij. Get Wobby #26 here, or become a subscriber. Choose the new plus-subscription option to receive a limited edition, signed art print with each magazine.

Wobby #26 comes with a print by the enigmatic Dutch printmaker Zeloot (she never wants her face to be portrayed). The art work is separately available in the Wobby shop, or get it as part of your plus-subscription.

Please note that Wobby supports its artists by paying them fair prices according to the rates of Pictoright. By buying Wobby you enable our fantastic network of alternative image makers to keep on producing!

Project Credits

Artistic Director: Marjolein Schalk