Onomatopee is a Booklet That’s Both Visual and Auditory Experience

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Onomatopeias have always been a fascination to me. You know, a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes? Like the words honk and snip?

Illustrator Lukas Verstraete and graphic designer Broos Stoffels challenged themselves to collect these auditory words and later published them in a beautifully curated booklet. The illustrations and typographical stories inside the pages take you on both a visual and acoustic adventure that's sure to inspire you to explore the world through onomatopeias. Boom!

Onomatopee (onomatopeia) is a visual exploration of designing sound.

Illustrator Lukas Verstraete graphic designer Broos Stoffels challenged themselves during two weeks with several games.

We questioned for example how sound can be visualised if expressed by different characters in different situations, how onomatopeia can be designed as superlatives and how we interpret onomatopoeia from foreign languages or undefined sounds.

The result was presented on Grafixx extd. #3 and later published in this booklet.

Project Credits

Illustrator: Lukas Verstraete

Graphic Designer: Broos Stoffels