Panzoo’s Free Pocket Guide To Discover All That Rome Has To Offer

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Rome is known for its incredible food, rich history, and iconic architecture that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Panzoo is a digital space that celebrates Rome's photographers and, most recently, created a free guidebook. Within the pages of the guide, you'll find maps to galleries, bookstores, museums, and other artistic spots throughout the city. The cover of the first edition is bright, bold, and geometric, and the individual pages within follow suit beautifully. There's something special about the neon yet straightforwardness of the design. Designed by Studio Mistaker, there's no possible way to miss all there is that Rome has to offer.

First issue of "Fotografia Roma", the foldable map of A free pocket guide to reach galleries, museums, bookstores, and photography schools in Rome. In cover you can find a data driven artwork made using the information inside the map themselves.​​​​​​​

Project Credits

Studio Mistaker

Valerio Di Mario

Riccardo Casinelli

Martina Tariciotti