‘Please Come: Shameless/Limitless’ Documents Berlin’s DIY Music Scene

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Berlin, Germany, is an epicenter for all things cultural arts and a past with an intense and rich history. Not to mention, Berlin's nightlife scene is famous worldwide and, in pre and post-COVID times, attracts thousands of visitors every weekend to soak it all in.

In an over 500 page documentation, Slanted Publishers has released a book that records the history of the Berlin promoter Shameless/Limitless, who is responsible for the city's DIY music scene.

The pages throughout the hefty book showcase over 200 posters from shows, parties, and events and over 100 original event promotional texts that will indeed encapsulate the reader. Flipping from page to page, it's clear how eclectic, vibrant, and culturally dense the DIY music scene in Berlin truly is, all thanks to Shameless/Limitless.

Please Come: Shameless/Limitless Selected Posters & Texts 2008–2020 is a 536-page brick of a book. It charts the history of Shameless/Limitless, a Berlin promoter whose trajectory is responsible for the establishment of the most recent iteration of the city’s DIY music scene.

The book includes:

— 219 posters for shows, parties and events spread across 40 Berlin venues made by 130 designers, notable and newcomers alike.

— 24 guest texts which celebrate and shed light on the ethos of the S/L spirit, from buds including musicians (Alex Cameron, Molly Nilsson, Sean Nicholas Savage, infinite bisous, Jane Penny of TOPS, Farao, Sam Vance-Law +++) designers (Aisha Franz, Tabitha Swanson, Jason Harvey and Natalia Portnoy to name a few), kindred spirits and more.

— Over 100 original event promo texts.

— Posters for first or early shows from now-established artists (Alex Cameron, Better Person, Erika de Casier, Fatima al Qadiri, Ultraflex +++) to memorable nights with artists passing through town (Metronomy, Crack Cloud, Project Pablo, Pender Street Steppers, Handsome Furs, Geneva Jacuzzi, Homeshake) to recurring shows and parties with heavy hitters (Molly Nilsson, Mac DeMarco, Win Butler of Arcade Fire, Kirin J Callinan, Sean Nicholas Savage, TOPS) and, of course, much more.

— An interview between frequent contributor Norman Palm & S/L founder Kevin Halpin…. and a couple more nice things, too.

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