Mucho’s Design For UC Investments Annual Report Takes An Artfully Editorial Approach

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Mucho is a global strategy, branding, packaging, and graphic design studio, founded in 2002, that creates design with meaning from their multiple locations in Barcelona, Melbourne, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. Their latest piece is for UC Investments' Annual Report. This is the sixth consecutive year that the two teams have paired up, making for a fantastic partnership. The two know how to work amazingly together, given the artfully editorial approach to this year's report.

The report's title is "Made for this moment," showcasing the uncertainty of the past year as well as the fact that investments for UC were made for this exact moment in time. The overall design of the report is bold and striking, and the typographic elements sprinkled throughout add both a layer of dimension and excitement. The envelope that the report comes neatly tucked in is made up of significant news stories from around the world, tapping back into the title of the publication and the themes throughout.

Mucho and UC's long-term relationship is founded on mutual respect as it's not often you find the investment realm to take creative risks. This opportunity has paid off, and we hope to see others follow suit.

For the 6th year in a row, Mucho has teamed up with UC Investments to design their Annual Report.

UC Investments is the investment arm of the University of California. For the past 6 years, they have made sure to support the university system, seeing it through different moments, like when the longest-running market expansion in history came to an end, and a global pandemic. They had the experience to navigate uncertain times, and the yearly numbers reflected this. Through steady leadership, strong partnerships and strategic creativity they were ready.

Diving deeper into a watershed year, the report features a number of interviews and insights, including industry leaders like Ron O’Hanley, Chairman & CEO of State Street and Doug Leone, Global Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital.

2020 having been a very newsworthy year, Mucho took a more editorial approach. The title of the report is aptly called “Made for this moment”. This title highlights not only that UC’s investments were made for this moment, but also alludes to the uncertainty of 2020, a year filled with many significant, historic moments.

The bespoke envelope the report was delivered in was designed with eye-catching, striking graphics, highlighting major news stories from around the world.

The Report was a limited run publication, printed in black and white. It features bold, dynamic use of condensed headline sans (NSW01 and Plaak), in clever contrast with serif (Lyon). The publication concludes on the year’s figures printed on yellow paper.

Mucho has held a strong relationship with UC, working with them to design and print their Annual Report for the last six years.

Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Chief Investment Officer, said of the relationship: “I know a good investment when I see one, so that was just the beginning. Mucho has designed every annual report since I joined in 2014 as Chief Investment Officer. The work just keeps getting better, more imaginative and fun to read.

UC Investments and Mucho have grown up together. They know who we are and we trust them to know what we want. We’re active collaborators. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Project Credits

Design Agency: Mucho

Client: University of California

Printers: Primary Color

Project Team: Rob Duncan, Lyam Bewry, Cindy Zheng

Scope: Editorial, Print

Typeface: NSW01, Plaak, Lyon