‘What The Hell’ is an Educational Zine Focused on Climate Change

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Alíz Stocker designed the illustrated zine What The Hell as a personal project. The zine is an illustrated guide to all things climate change; although the booklet is focused on evidence-based facts, the quirky illustrations add an approachable juxtaposition to the otherwise heavy topic. You'll find black and white layouts that balance the traditional editorial style throughout the pages, while some have splashes of contemporary design. Most importantly, the zine is printed on recycled paper as a nod to a more sustainable future.

'What The Hell' is a small illustrated zine mostly made for personal reasons, and simply

for fun. Climate Change is a common issue nowadays yet often overlooked by people. Almost all of us know its importance but not taking actions against it. Protecting our globe is inevitable for our future. In the booklet one can find evidence-based facts and trivia about the problem. The zine is printed in monotone and on recycled paper.

Project Credits

Alíz Stocker

Photos: Krisztián Lakosi & Marcell Kazsik