Safe Seasons is a Beautifully Designed Year-Round COVID Kit

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We're now accustomed to living in a world filled with no shortage of signage in business, reminding us to stay 6 feet away from other customers with restaurant tables artfully spread out with plastic barriers between. Masks are, well, everywhere.

Safe Seasons is a brand that recognizes that masks aren't going anywhere any time soon, so, in partnership with Specter Design Group, they've crafted an artful kit that includes face masks and sanitizer that's perfect for those of us that are on the go. The branding is full of character, even though it's solely black and white. The four illustrations remind consumers that this kit is perfect for all four seasons while creating a striking balance of expressive and straightforward designs. So while we might be mentally done with COVID, Safe Seasons is at least bringing us a silver lining.

Project Credits

Specter Design Group

Spyros Margetas

Constantine Stamatis

Giorgos Fyllis

Theodora Karataidou