Student’s Typography Design Uncovers The Complexity Of The Mind

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As part of her final typography module at Ringling College of Art & Design, Beatriz Patarata designed The Mind. The assignment was to take a complex text and redesign it while emphasizing typographic structures. She focused on implementing sequential layouts, grids, informational hierarchies, and balancing typographic communications.

Taking a complicated text and turning it into something simple to digest is not a small feat, but Beatriz has done so flawlessly. Inspired by the human mind, there are nods to the complexities and contradictions throughout the book. Simplicity and complexity are balanced impeccably.

The LIFE Magazine Science Library was a collection of hardcover books approaching topics related to the scientific world that was written for educated laymen of the 1960s. Here, you see "The Mind" reimagined.

The Mind is a reimagined classic from the 1963 and 1967 Life Science Library. This book, like the mind, is logical with moments creativity and abstraction; like the mind, it’s dark and light; like the mind, it’s filled with patterns and repetition.

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Beatriz Patarata