The Classic Monopoly Game Celebrates The Chinese New Year

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Xiaohongshu, also known as RED, is a social media and e-commerce platform based in China, and for the Chinese New Year that was celebrated earlier this year, they created a gorgeous gift box surrounded by the theme of Monopoly. The fun illustrations throughout the visual system add an element of whimsy through their color and pop art style that is sure to inspire a happy and joyous year. Even though this gift box includes many extensions, between the monopoly game, a notebook, and red packets, they are all consistent and charming without being too repetitive. Here's to a better year.

01 Background & Inspiration | 项目背景 & 灵感来源

In 2021, Xiaohongshu designed a New Year gift box with the theme of “The classic Monopoly game” and we used six RED CLUB members as leading roles to create a joyful atmosphere for 2021 Chinese New Year. The product includes a RED CLUB Monopoly game, several red packets, and a notebook.

To unify the graphics and the typeface in different materials, we designed a graphic of the word「2021」 which is surrounded by our slogan——INSPIRE LIVES, and it looks like a traditional Chinese seal. We applied this graphic throughout the gift box design, representing the cheerfulness for getting together during the Chinese Spring Festival.​​​​​​​

02 Elements | 元素设计​​​​​​​

RED CLUB Monopoly gameWe used RED CLUB members as the chess pieces of this Monopoly game. The illustration, which sits in the middle of the chessboard, pictures the scene of all RED CLUB members playing the Monopoly game and celebrating the Chinese New Year together. This illustration is surrounded by “RED MONOPOLY” and the word 「2021」, which is in the shape of lanterns. The illustrations around the chessboard are in a colorful,fashionable flat pop style. Hoping you and your families can get together in the new year and start a prosperous year with happiness and joy.

Red packets

The red packets were made of tactile paper and adopted a pattern UV process. These six red packets are printed with images of RED CLUB members with Chinese traditional auspicious elements (such as gold ingots, firecrackers, lanterns, and fortune trees). Each pattern is surrounded by the words 「HAPPY NEW YEAR 」 in a symmetrical form. ​​​​​


The cover of the notebook is tactile PVC, which has a smooth texture and high durability. The inside pages are 180g ivory white papers. It contains yearly, monthly, and weekly plans.

Project Credits


Art Director 美术指导 :Dora

Graphic Design 视觉设计 : 小麦 / 绘子/ FL

Photography 摄影 : Renee (RED studio)

Film & Script 拍摄&脚本 : LI YA (RED studio)

Animation & Video Clip 动效&剪辑 :Sheen (RED studio)