This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Jigsaw

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Visiting my grandmother when I was younger consisted of two very constant and faithful traditions. The first was to eat every meal like it was your last, and the second was that no trip was complete without solving at least one 500 piece jigsaw.

Throughout my time in the early days of quarantine, I found myself blindly following the masses' trends. I baked the banana bread. I walked my dog. Most importantly, though, I made my grandmother proud, and I puzzled. But you know what I came to discover in my days of endlessly trying to fit one piece of colored paperboard into another? Doing a puzzle alone is already quite monotonous; slap a dull photo into the mix, and we're talking torture.

Mejo's puzzles, designed by Studio Creta, however, will stop you in your tracks. They're gorgeous pieces of art that you'll surely want to frame when you're finished. With brightly picked hues from poppy to periwinkle and modern geometrical elements, staring at the individual pieces all day seems like a treat. The complete puzzles look like how you'd imagine famous artists' dreams to look: abstract, colorful, poetic, and extraordinary. The piece titled "Love" is described as "two complementary forms open up in a kiss that represents all the beauty and poetry of love."

Mejo's puzzles are handcrafted and 100% made in Italy. Each limited edition puzzle is created in collaboration with small Italian suppliers and artisans. The whole mission behind the brand is to make free time more relaxing. Between supporting small and bringing joy to the little moments, supporting this brand's goals comes easily. The Italian-based Studio Creta developed the packaging, art direction, and corporate branding for Mejo.

So while things might've started opening back up again as the vaccines are rolling out, I might continue to stay in and embrace the relaxing little moments of free time that I have to make my grandmother proud, of course.

Project Credits:

Art direction & Illustrations: Studio Creta

Photography: Maurizio Polese