Top Five In-House Design Teams To Follow On Instagram

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When we think about brands, our minds go straight to some of our most beloved products or services. However, what we often don't think about are the powerhouse design teams behind it all. These teams keep the brand alive, relevant, and, to put it lightly, aesthetically beautiful.

Today we've wrapped up five in-house graphic design team Instagrams that you should take a look at. Not only do some accounts share features and products earlier than other media outlets, but they also often publish short interviews with designers or dole out small tidbits of advice.

PepsiCo Design & Innovation | @pepsico_design

Be the first to hear about new products and collaborations if you follow PepsiCo's account. Most recently, the team shared their work for their 2020 Design + Innovation Book as well as the MTN DEW FLAMIN' HOT collaboration, and while the drink itself is something that doesn't tickle my fancy, the graphics are superb and perfectly on-brand. In the past, this account has shared a talk with the CEO and CDO of Pepsi on how design brings value to the brand. This account is a must-follow, whether you want to be on top of the latest or simply learn about product and packaging design.

TBD | @tacobelldesign

Disclaimer: I'm unabashedly a huge Taco Bell fan. Hand me a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and I'll love you forever. This account shares upcoming releases such as Truff Sauce Nacho fries coming soon. It also shares behind-the-scenes photoshoots, images from storyboard to final product shots, and quite a few happy birthday wishes that give you a peek into the people behind the team. But above all, there's just great design from probably the most inventive QSR brand out there. Plus, if you're a mega Taco Bell fan, the account shares wallpapers in their highlights. Yo Quiero!

Google Design | @googledesign

Because most of us use Google as our primary search engine, learning more about the Google Design team is captivating. On this account, you'll find everything from inspiring Google Fonts that the designers love to compelling interviews with team members with questions like "What piece of the internet do you love so much you couldn't leave it behind?" You'll learn a lot from the content shared on this account.

Dropbox Design | @dropboxdesign

Dropbox's whole messaging is that joy is the engine that powers the best idea. Their entire account essentially catapults from this idea, leaving us with squares and squares of cheery inspiration. From tips on cross-cultural design to quotes about process versus practice, there's no shortage of posts that will influence you to create beyond your bubble. If anyone practices what they preach, it's Dropbox.

Spotify Design |

As a long-time Spotify user, recently discovering Spotify Design's Instagram account feels like finding a sort of buried treasure. One of my favorite things about this account is that the team curates many playlists, and as someone who struggles with both making and finding playlists, this is huge. Spotify also shares features called "In The Spotlight," which share different designer's day-to-days, inspirations, and more. And, if you're looking for a job on Spotify's design team, you'll want to check here; they regularly post new roles and share insights into their hiring process in their highlights. Plus, this account is just aesthetically pleasing to look at, just like the brand's user interface.