Type Tuesday: Beautiful Freak is Inspired By Street Style and Subtle Imperfections

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Mark my words, the world needs more imperfect fonts.

We need more grit, more character, more personality back in designs. So Simon Stratford, font designer and occasional digital oil painter, created the font "Beautiful Freak," that's perfectly imperfect. Because this typeface is handwritten, the outlines are irregular and quirky. Simon also designed three alternatives to each letter in the alphabet, making for a completely customizable typeface. Perfect for posters, apparel, and bold headlines, this street-style inspired typeface is fit for the big and the bold.

Beautiful Freak a bold, quirky display font with a fun, trendy street style vibe. From posters designs to t-shirts and packaging, Beautiful Freak will give your designs that alternative minimal look and make your creative work look supercharged.

Beautiful Freak was hand-drawn, making its outlines somewhat irregular and quirky. It has an almost hand-lettered look; the characters jump around the baseline giving it a charming but urban look and feel.

The modern bold sans serif typeface has a host of alternatives and ligatures included. Combine its bold shapes to give your work a more unique, hipster attitude. Easily create professional cool type lockups that look like hand lettering.


All A to Z characters has at least three alternatives. To make your text look less repetitive, you can switch out letters for others—This makes your design look more like hand lettering.


Beautiful Freak has many ligatures, 87 of them in total. You can turn this on via the glyphs panel in Adobe applications. The ligatures make a massive difference in the look of Beautiful Freak. It switches out popular two-letter sequences that make your designs look even more individual.

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Simon Stratford