Type Tuesday: Zea Fonts’ Typeface Claycozoa Triggers Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

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Not to throw anyone under the Dodge A100 here, but have you ever wondered what would happen when you took Art Noveau style and mashed it up with a Psychedelic look? Personally, I haven't, but now that Zea Fonts has released Claycozoa, I now know exactly what my thoughts were missing.

While deliciously trippy, Claycozoa is still readable, tricky for a font that's so packed full of grit and character. While hallucinogenics are known for changing your disposition, we're pretty confident that the only thing this font with change is your attitude towards sans-serif fonts.

So, while not fit for every design, especially those of the more grave matter, this font is sure to enhance designs for anything from posters, apparel, and packaging that deal with the fun, the funky, and the, well, psychedelic.

Claycozoa is a versatile, bold and unique display font. Was inspired by Psychedelic and Art Nouveau style, Claycozoa has a unique style with stylistic, alternates, ligatures and supports multilingual languages.

The organic feel of Claycozoa evokes a psychedelic vibe which you can use to take your designs to a new level. The font is great for posters, flyers, apparel, quotes, greeting cards, product packaging, album covers, movies, and more.

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