Variety’s Grammy Issue Deserves An Award

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In a time where monochrome and neutrals are at an all-time high, Variety Magazine is starting to make me think that color is about to make a comeback. Designed by Caleb Bennett and Raul Aguila, the magazine focuses on bold, punchy type and nearly neon colors for the latest Grammy Issue. We're talking bubble gum pink, papaya orange, and emerald green, and when they're all combined, I feel as though I've found myself at the bottom of a lucky charms bag. The page layouts are simple, but I certainly don't feel like I'm missing anything.

Plus, anything Pheobe Bridgers is a part of is perfection in my eyes.

Project Credits

Creative Director: Raul Aguila

Design : Caleb Bennett

Photo Director: Jennifer Dorn

Photographs by Janell Shirtcliff