Veer on Creativity: Four Wallpapers for Download

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You make things. And, like a chef, sculptor, or architect, you’re picky about the materials you use. Whether you’re choosing garden tomatoes, granite slabs, or grotesque typefaces, every ingredient affects the finished work.

At Veer, the creative team’s goal has always been to remix images and fonts in ways that inspire you to even greater things. To make that happen, we have unlimited access to all of the fonts and images Veer carries. A virtual ton of visual elements to choose from. That freedom is at times exciting and others daunting – when you imagine what can be made with all of that stuff.

What keeps us grounded is knowing that it doesn’t really matter if you have full access to Veer’s vault, a trusty camera and some system fonts, or (way more likely) something affordably in-between. In every scenario, your natural creativity is the component that makes great things happen. At the end of the day, the raw materials were just that – raw. It’s how you cooked, shaped, and fused them together that will matter most.

To help you keep that philosophy top of mind, here are some wallpapers from Veer designers (past and present) that echo the sentiment. Hit the link below the images to download the wallpapers.

Live What You Love, designed by Erin Ignacio


Play, designed by Daniel Parry


Assembly Required By Some, designed by Drew Ng


Counter Culture, designed by Justin LaFontaine