Violaine & Jérémy Give a Touch of Class to Louie London

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Louis Restaurant

Inspired by the soul of New Orleans, Paris, and New York, Louie is a London restaurant focused on unmatched experiences, class, and a visual typographic feast. Violaine & Jérémy Type created the identity for the restaurant, including everything from the art direction and the illustrations to the monograms and the color palette.

While the visual identity is highly sophisticated, it’s also whimsical and playful. The wavy typeface paired with intricate illustrations makes you completely enthralled and, honestly, hungry for a beautifully elaborate meal.

Louie London match sticks

Violaine & Jérémy made Louie London Identity and Artistic Direction, from logotype to menus, signage, illustrations, monograms, and color palette.

Louie, which draws on several eras for inspiration, is named after Louis XIV and Louie Armstrong, invoke the soul of New Orleans, the sophistication of Paris, and the sass of a New Yorker, all set on London’s stage, housed on the old L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon site in Covent Garden.

Louie London cigar menu
Louie London interior design
Louie London
Louie London food by chef Slade Rushing
Louie London
Louie London menu
Louie London menu
Louie London
Louie London business card

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