Want Some Unsolicited Advice? Adam J. Kurtz Made a 2022 Weekly Planner and Journal For That

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The future and perfection can be daunting, but they sure don’t have to be. The Unsolicited Advice Planner, designed by Adam J. Kurtz, sheds light on the idea of “toxic positivity” by proving that nothing has to be perfect. The pages within are approachable, witty, and perfectly imperfect in a way that will make planning feel more delightful than complex… something we all need more of in 2022. 

Get it all done with this realistic, hopeful, and refreshingly human weekly planner! 

No toxic positivity. No handwriting anxiety over “perfect” pages. We’re all just trying our best here! Look ahead, set goals, make space, and keep track of all the good, bad, and “uhh????? wait ok fine” that you’ll experience in the new year. Check the product photos for weekly and monthly layouts, examples of activities, reminders, and more!

  • Dated agenda for January to December 2022
  • Weekly spreads, monthly grids, and overviews
  • Check-ins, reminders, and introspective activities
  • Tiny distractions and nagging encouragement
  • Two bonus sticker sheets including DIY month tabs
  • 7.75 x 5.5 inches (~15 x 20cm)
  • Transparent PVC outer cover
  • Elastic closure/bookmark
  • White 100gsm writing paper

Not in bookstores: Shop the 11th annual edition direct from me and get surprise freebies. Also available through my Amazon page.

Project Credits

Adam J. Kurtz