You’ll Get The Munchies With Noah Camp’s 90s Nibbles Typography

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Every single one of your nostalgic senses will be unlocked with Noah Camp's typographic exploration. In a mashup of two different series, his 26 Days of Food combined with 90s TOYpography, we were gifted 90s Nibbles.

Each letter comes based on your favorite childhood food, starting with that specific letter. For example, C is for Choco Tacos, K is for Kid Cuisine, and U is for Uncrustables. The textures, colors, fonts, and patterns that come alive in each of these letterform explorations are nostalgic, eclectic, and hunger-inducing. If you're anything like me, you'll scroll this post then head to the grocery store to get your hands on those beautifully squishy zebra cakes; I truly didn't know letters could make me miss my childhood, but here we are.

The 90s Nibbles series will take you down memory lane to your favorite childhood foods. So get your JNCO’s back out, grab your walkman, and let’s head down to the Blockbuster to get some snacks!

I decided on this subject by mixing two of my favorite series from past years. In 2017 I created 26 Days of Food which was full of yummy edibles, while 2019’s series 90s TOYpography highlighted our favorite 90s toys. So, of course, I had to put them together! Researching these nostalgic foods vividly brought me back to the smells and tastes of my childhood.

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Noah Camp | @noahcampdesign