2001 Annual Design Review Consumer Products Honorable Mention

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oxo grind it

Although the jurors were initially excited by New York firm Smart Design’s oxo Grind It system, they were ultimately disappointed that the functionality wasn’t more intuitive. It took some trial-and-error to figure out how to move the grinder from one spice container to another and time to understand how the grinder itself works. “It takes a bit of yanking to remove the grinder from a jar, meaning someone with strength or mobility issues wouldn’t be able to use it,” Yelavich said.

logitech cordless trackman wheel

Logitech’s cordless trackball from the Irish firm Design Partners passed the jurors’ hands-on testing with flying colors. “It’s totally comfortable and very appealing physically,” Yelavich said. Schiefer agreed, praising the “curvaceous but controlled” shape and successful continuation of Logitech’s visual language

hp e-scanner

Designed for the non-pc market by Smart Design in New York, the hp e-Scanner is an inexpensive, handheld option for Webtv users who want to share images from home. Noting the product’s low price of $99, Schiefer thought it displayed “a lot of good ideas.” She was most excited by the removable cover, which allows for easier scanning of large items, and the built-in clip that lets users secure photos while they scan.

specialized brain trust retention system

Without adding weight or compromising ventilation, Design Continuum’s West Newton, Mass., office created a bicycle helmet that accommodates a wider range of head shapes and sizes. Users can adjust the helmet’s fit and stability by turning a knob near its base, eliminating the need to put undue pressure on the chinstrap. “The functionality is absolutely there, and I like the skeleton-like structure,” Schiefer said. It’s also ponytail compatible.

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