2001 Annual Design Review Graphics Honorable Mention

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day school brochure

Language plays a key role, both conceptually and visually, throughout this brochure from Corey McPherson Nash. Duotone images of children combine with key words in vibrant colors to convey a warm and active spirit of learning. “Very elegant, inspired and inspirational,” Sikora said.

painting at the edge of the world

More than merely an exhibition catalog, Walker Art Center’s Painting at the Edge of the World is a reader on the contemporary practice of painting. The book is divided in two sections: The front has French-folded pages with essays about painting; the back is a series of fold-out pages that document the work and biographies of featured artists. Photos were extended beyond the normal confines of the layout to bleed and wrap from one page to the next. “The pages create a continuous effect and momentum that is fascinating,” Sikora said.

bembo’s zoo

Illustrator/designer Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich indulged his own childlike playfulness and inquisitiveness in creating this charming alphabet book for young readers. All the creatures are illustrated using letters in a single weight of the typeface Bembo. The letters in the word antelope, for example, flip, rotate, overlap and combine to create an image of that animal. Sikora called it “well-executed and full of surprises.”

whitney biennial catalog

Pentagram’s design for the Whitney Biennial 2000 catalog addresses a problem faced by all such publications: how to create a cohesive book out of vastly disparate images. By presenting the individual works on full-size pages and interweaving them with text pages on contrasting stock, the designers created a format that both links and segregates various artists’ works. Viewed as a spread, the photo and text pages offer a seamless reading experience, pairing each artist’s bio with his or her work.

university of miami business law review

In creating the identity for a prominent scholarly legal journal, And Partners turned to the vernacular of the legal community. The solution takes a ubiquitous visual reference-the footnoted legal document-and turns it into an unexpected design element. The organization’s name, location, purpose, telephone and Web address are in fine print at the bottom of the stationery, which is presented in a hinged file folder.

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