2001 Annual Design Review Packaging Honorable Mention

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ohm cd set

Is it ohm? Or who? It’s hard to tell which end is up on the package for ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music. The three-cd set is accompanied by an image- and story-filled 96-page booklet, all contained in a trendy but flimsy transparent slipcase. Sikora’s only criticism of Boston-based Stoltze Design’s clever creation was that it was too chaotic.

nike house of hoops shoe medallions

These flashy medallions were “designed and produced as a guerrilla marketing tool. They were placed on display basketball shoes in the hopes that they would be stolen and put on backpacks,” design firm Vehiclesf explained. While both jurors took moral issue with the “insidiously clever” tactic and had a hard time relating to the techno graphics, they agreed that the seductive concept probably achieved its goals.

castor & pollux packaging

This identity is based on two fictional friends, Castor the dog and Pollux the cat, who started their own brand in response to the poor quality of pet products. Rather than mimicking the shapes of other pet-product packaging, Sandstrom Design in Portland, Ore., developed the Castor & Pollux line to echo the package shapes of laundry detergent, vitamins-even a fire hydrant -using a limited pallete. However, the jurors felt the brand was a bit disconnected as a whole, with its artsy sense of humor and retro identity.

crabtree & evelyn hair therapy packaging

The packaging for a new line of hair-care products from the venerable Crabtree & Evelyn presented an interesting challenge to New York design firm wl2inc. The packaging had to reflect Crabtree’s botanical, high-class heritage while incorporating a fresh, modern look to attract a new audience. Jurors weren’t convinced that the shampoo bottle labels would survive a bathroom’s humid environment, but they were impressed by the paint-tube look and feel of the styling gel.

phish “hampton comes alive” cd box

Although it’s not immediately obvious how to open this clever box by Burlington, Vt.-based Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, jurors were intrigued by the puzzle-like structure. “You really have to think about it,” Sikora said. After you’ve figured out that the box opens on two sides by lifting cardboard flaps that cover hidden magnetic strips, you’re presented with a second puzzle. The six cds inside come together to form an image of the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Va., (pictured at night on one side and during the day on the other) where the box set was recorded live.

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