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3T by Design Possível with the Community Assoc. Monte Azul

November 5, 2008. For the past several years, design has been blossoming anew in the land of bossa nova and the Copacabana and now even the government has gotten into the rhythm. Through November 9, São Paulo’s City Hall will launch a week of design, from urban planning to fashion and furniture, in the form of KM.M.MM: Viver Design em São Paulo (Kilometer, Meter and Millimeter: Living Design in São Paulo). Forget Rio. São Paulo, as the country’s economic capital, is an undersung mine of architecture from midcentury (think Lina Bo Bardi and Oscar Niemeyer) on, with recent additions from those still rounding out their oeuvre (Isay Weinfeld, Artur Las Casas, Marcelo Rosenbaum) and relative youngsters like Muti Randolph. Unfortunately, however, we haven’t heard a lot about Brazilian design in any concerted manner for awhile – until now. Coinciding with the month-long 28th art biennial (in Niemeyer’s local modern art museum) and the second design biennial on show in Niemeyer’s latest addition to Brasilia (an immaculate white dome with pert ramps to give it … rhythm), Viver Design will offer seminars, workshops and exhibitions ranging across disciplines and the city – all free to the public. Happily, many of the events, including DESIGNibilidade, the exhibition in which the objects pictured here are included, are taking place inside the city’s greatest design treasures: DESIGNibilidade, for instance, is in MuBE, the Paulo Mendes da Rocha-designed Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, worth visiting in its own right. viverdesign.blogspot.com

3T by Design Possível with Community Association Monte Azul

Recycled paper decorative object by Alexandre Arcanjo

Recycled paper vases by Alexandre Arcanjo