Architecturally-Influenced Painting in Chelsea

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Green Hexagons by Sara Eichner at the Sears Peyton Gallery October 25, 2008. New York’s Sears Peyton Gallery opens Plane Equilibrium on November 20 (running through December 20), which will feature the architectural paintings of artist Sara Eichner. Eichner, inspired by the siding that clads houses in her Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood, fills her canvasses with texture, pattern and structure, exploring the rendering of 3D space on a 2D surface. Owners of local houses have often attempted to mimic stone, wood, marble or other natural materials using explicitly synthetic materials and unconventional colors like bright pink, green and blue. Eichner translates and abstracts these patterns in penciled grids overlain with multiple layers of oil paint to create unexpected perspectives. When she interrupts the underlying pattern, it creates multiple points of view. She also bevels the edges of the wooden panels she paints on to give the illusion that the pieces are floating slightly off the wall. Many of her surfaces seem mechanically produced, but are actually hand-drawn. For fans of textile and other design disciplines, Eichner’s work may prove particularly intriguing. Look for Green Hexagons in which the artist seems to channel David Hicks.

Yellow and Tan Facade, gouache and pencil on paper

Sliding Brick Planes, gouache and pencil on paper

Blue Wallpaper, pencil and gouache on paper