Artists Play with Perspective in Guggenheim

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Carsten Höller’s Revolving Hotel Room at the Guggenheim

October 25, 2008. The Guggenheim has invited 10 contemporary artists, including Maurizio Cattelan, Pierre Huyghe, Jorge Pardo, Angela Bulloch and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, to generate a group exhibition of installations. Theanyspacewhatever show recalls a period in the 1990’s when some artists used the exhibition as their subject and object, and calls together those who exemplify this impulse to interfere in the museum using cross-disciplinary means (literature, architecture, design, theater, etc.). Asked by Guggenheim Chief Curator Nancy Spector to collectively formulate the exhibition, the group chose to create a series of overlapping, albeit individual, site-specific projects that dot the museum’s spiraling rotunda. Liam Gillick has played with the museum’s operational systems (seating, signage) while Carsten Höller has designed a rotating hotel room in which visitors may spend the night (and yes, it’s already sold out). Höller also included his Krutikow’s Flying City Revolving, a transparent assemblage of seven rotating towers based on Russian architect Georgii Krutikow’s airborne, utopian community. Jorge Pardo has threaded one of the ramps with interlocking screens lit by sculptural pendant lights that mark an alternate path for visitors. Accompanying micro-exhibitions will include a redux of The Wrong Gallery, a curatorial project by Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick, along with a new issue of their The Wrong Times, as well as the creation of a library of past projects by graphic design studio M/M.

Angela Bulloch’s light and color installation

Liam Gillick’s interventions into the museum include signage

Jorge Pardo creates new circulation with lighting and a screen