Cloning by 5.5 Designers

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The most intriguing storefront on via Tortona at this month’s Milan Furniture Fair belonged to young Paris-based collective 5.5 Designers, who set up a cloning laboratory inside. Rather than replicating sheep, though, the designers aimed to turn people into products: After taking measurements as if to tailor a suit, they sculpted ceramic vases whose various curves equalled the girth of their clients’ shoulders, chest, waist, and hips. A tufted pillow resembling a belly-buttoned stomach was proportional to a client’s weight (making it all the better for cuddling with). Oversize eyeball lamps tinted according to iris color were somewhat kitschy, while felt carpets furred with personal body hair distribution patterns offered more room for interpretation—capture an exact pattern or just the pubic hair? The most beautiful product was wallpaper replicating skin color, freckles and all. If millennia of evolution isn’t design, what is?