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By: Print Magazine | August 20, 2008

I.D. — September⁄October 2008 Volume 55, Number 6


42 Being Kathleen Walsh A day in the mind of a California designer. by David Barringer

46 To Dream the Impossible Design Behind every technically challenging product on the market stands a hero, a lunatic, or maybe a bit of both. by Nicole Dyer

50 The Next Italians Italy may be the cradle of design, but who’s rocking it these days? by Susan Yelavich

56 Fringe Benefits Even if Disturbance Design weren’t located in a subequatorial African city on the Indian Ocean, it would still be out there. by Sean O’Toole

60 Whittle While You Work Swedish design duo TAF has more talents than you can shake a stick at. by Fiona Rattray

66 Cultivating the Garden Why Tivoli’s old-world charm will never die. by Sune Aagaard

72 Student Design Review 2008 This year’s jury honored emotionally evocative objects and projects that yielded small delights. A sense of humor didn’t hurt, either. by Sarah Verdone


12 …letters Responses from Karim Rashid and Jason Miller to our June story on AMERICAN FURNITURE DESIGN

16 …update Developments in I.D. stories from SEPT/OCT 2007

18 …note We’ve been hearing about the END OF PRINT for at least a decade. We still don’t buy it. by Julie Lasky

21 …expo A furniture company puts CORNWALL on the map Nike takes its PreCool technology to BEIJING PREFABS fill a vacant lot next to MoMA

28 …q+a Design Within Reach’s JENNIFER MORLA charts a new course. Interview by Jill Singer

30 …rant Two design mavens debate the value of CUSHIONS. by Shonquis Moreno and David Alhadeff

32 …r+d BMW’s GINA proves there’s more than one way to skin a CAR. by Phil Patton

35 …n+n HIDE & SEEK by Farmwork Andrée Putman’s DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME for Parrot A retro-futuro FASHION COLLECTION by AvroKo by Jill Singer

79 …crit Equipment: CAPULET JULIET D30 POINTE SHOE (reviewed by Julie Müller Stahl) Environment: THE MUSEUM AT BETHEL WOODS (reviewed by Alastair Gordon) Product: POLAROID POGO INSTANT MOBILE PRINTER (reviewed by Clive Thompson) Book: TRAFFIC: WHY WE DRIVE THE WAY WE DO (AND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT US) (reviewed by Greg Lindsay)

88 …back story Throughout history, PUPPETS have done much of our dirty work. by Susan Yelavich