DC07 Dyson Vacuum

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The DC07 is the first Dyson vacuum cleaner available for purchase in the United States, although the vacs have been popular in Europe for years. Mal-mesbury, England-based Dyson is headed by James Dyson, who invented his bagless vacuum cleaner by utilizing a cyclone technology he developed in the early ’80s. He discovered that by making the airstream spin, centrifugal force takes over and sucks dirt and debris from the air. Because the airflw is unobstructed with nothing to clog (such as the filters in current U.S. bagless vacuums), suction power remains consistent. The DC07 is the first vacuum to utilize Dyson’s Root8Cyclone technology, which uses 100,000G of centrifugal force, and is available in three versions with bright color combinations (the Lavender and Steel Animal is popular with pet owners). Prices start at $399. www.dyson.com