Design Miami Video: Al-Sabah gallery preview

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December 9, 2008. SOLD OUT: The Dubai gallery Al-Sabah Art & Design could have hung a sign on the door proclaiming its house-clearing success in Miami, but that would have been tacky, right? Kind of like the folks we saw drive their yacht up to the dock at the Standard Hotel pool, already clad in swim trunks? Er, in any case, Al-Sabah announced its forthcoming arrival on the scene (it opens in March) with a collection of work by Pieke Bergmans and Lebanese duo Bokja, and we filmed the designers discussing their work. Bergmans is best known for her "design viruses," glass blobs that mold to the shape of their host, here traditional Syrian mother-of-pearl inlaid antique furniture pieces. Bokja, who have had chairs for sale at ABC Carpet for a few years now, reversed the East-meets-West formula by marrying Western mid-century furniture archetypes with exuberant fabrics they’ve sourced from throughout the Middle East. Now that all the work has found happy homes, it’s a good thing founder Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah (he also owns Villa Moda) wasn’t planning on using it at the actual gallery opening—it’s just a taste, he says, of the themes he’ll be dealing with there. Watch the videos below.