Dutch Find New Use for Camouflage

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KesselsKramer’s Do Camouflage puzzle by Jennifer Skupin

July 15, 2008. At long (long) last, a civilized use of camouflage. Under its provocative Do label, Dutch communications agency KesselsKramer has come out with camouflage jigsaw puzzles. Created in reaction against products that make consumers complacent instead of active, Do produces books, workshops, products and services. Designed for Do by Jennifer Skupin, the camo puzzles come in a trio of popular patterns originally intended to see a great deal of action, including city, forest and desert. These aren’t games that will stump anyone for very long, happily, which means that they’re well-suited to the coffee table, as KesselsKramer suggests: “Complete the set while munching biscuits, sipping milky tea and meditating on the horror of war.” Indeed. dosurf.com, kkoutlet.com, kesselskramerpublishing.com

Do Camouflage puzzle in the city pattern

Do Camouflage puzzle in the desert pattern