IVANAhelsinki Curates Finnish Design

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July 20, 2008. On show now at the Helsinki Design Museum is the oddly named “Fennofolk: New Nordic Oddity.” Curated by Paola and Pirjo Suhonen of the exquisitely moody and brilliantly graphical fashion label, IVANAhelsinki, Fennofolk analyzes Finnish culture through the artwork of more than 80 young artists and designers. Textile and fashion designer Paola Suhonen’s contribution to the show, entitled “Shining,” uses photographs of American motels to record her adventures during a road trip through the country. Printed on canvas and coated with lacquer, the glamorously mournful images are brought to life by mirror-covered letters, Swarovski crystal embellishments and custom lighting. The piece also features a mirrored booth in which a short film, shot by Suhonen, plays in loops. Also worth a peek? Suhonen’s breathtaking, if forlorn, “Birdring” video on the IVANAhelsinki website. designmuseum.fi, ivanahelsinki.com