Greg Lynn at SCI-Arc

Posted inID Mag

Last year saw a slew of designers offering modern reinterpretations of the 5,000-year-old brick. Its latest incarnation is a much lighter take on the medium: Blobwall Pavilion, by Los Angeles architect Greg Lynn, is a site-specific installation at L.A.’s SCI-Arc Gallery that takes the form of freestanding, interlocking, hollow plastic modules that can be used indoors or outdoors. Cut by robots, the lightweight, recyclable honeycomb polymer (made by Panelite) is formed into, aptly, a blob with three voluptuous lobes. If the shape reminds visitors of Rubens or Lucian Freud, it is because Lynn was looking back to Baroque and Renaissance organicism for inspiration. But the complexion—delicious shades of brilliant color—is wholly contemporary. Blobwall bricks come in 500 unique shapes and 10 colors but can also be customized. A conversation between Eric Owen Moss and Lynn will take place June 16 at 7 PM, and in September, the Pavilion will travel to the Venice Biennale. On view through July 13.